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Extensive experience with businesses of all types and stripes
can help generate new ideas and deepen your team’s leadership skills

Consider some of these hot topics:

Beyond Brainstorming: Innovation Labs

Research has proven that brainstorming rarely works.  What’s more effective, is helping individuals to master divergent thinking techniques with subsequent team feedback on the best ideas.

Gail has guided teams to new paths of innovation by combining short, creative exercises and field trips to witness first-hand, how successful young companies are reimagining problems in ways that lead to original, unconventional solutions.

MINING The zeitgeist: Doing Good And
doing well

Consumer expectations have never been higher for brands, as customers insist that companies they patronize share their values. Gail has been at the forefront of some of American Express’s most successful programs to enhance its reputation in communities in which its customers and employees live and work. This includes Small Business Saturday, an international movement to drive local sales to small businesses during the busiest shopping season of the year. Another is Project (Red), in which American Express led 6 mega- brand sponsors raise aid for women and children suffering from HIV/AIDS in Africa.  

Gail will share experiences and lead a discussion on how to align top-of-mind issues with a company’s bottom line.

Mirrors & cheerleaders: Giving and getting feedback that inspires change

One of the earmarks of a great leader is the ability to hear and share feedback that is both motivating and changes behavior. And while the best way to prove yourself is to improve yourself —nobody is truly objective enough do that in a vacuum.

A former SVP, mentor and business leader at American Express, a company recognized for its commitment to leadership training in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, Gail will provide insight and then lead a discussion on leadership behavior that shapes reputations and builds trust.


INsights into the Luxe life

Gail spent more than 25 years marketing to American Express’ premium customers, and launched the company’s first black Centurion Cards, enhanced sales of its Platinum portfolio and debuted the company’s first Centurion Airport Lounges — each with a unique personality to showcase its home town.

She also spearheaded an invitation-only annual event for CEOs of the world’s top luxury brands, driving the agenda, content and facilitating lively discussions for this discerning roster of taste-makers. 

Gail will share insight and lead a discussion on what affluent consumers have in common and how tastes and needs diverge to support and sustain brands.insights into the luxe life


Rising Above: Standing Up and standing out in a Polarized media landscape

Polarizing attitudes are creating significant changes both in the world of journalism and other voices of authority. A 25-year-veteran of American Express, Gail has launched programs for mass market consumers and the super-affluent, in multiple industries including travel, retail, financial services and entertainment. 

Gail can moderate a discussion on what brands should consider to find new ways to drive visibility while protecting their reputations.

Think Like a Client

How can you be more intuitive about your client’s needs?  How can you get into your client’s head and ensure your ideas are heard — and have a better shot of being executed? 

With +25 years as a client serving American Express’s top executives, Gail will provide insight and then lead a discussion to help your client managers become better equipped to seize opportunities and respond to concerns.