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Clay. Yarn. Time.

Some recent work made mostly in Brooklyn, New York

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Something We Can All Agree On

Pomegranates are a common symbol of good fortune, marriage, birth and rebirth in Judaism, Christianity, Islam. These small vases were on sale in 2019 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in conjunction with the exhibit World Between Empires: Art & Identity in the Ancient Middle East

White Porcelain Bowl.JPG

Pristine Porcelain

Sometimes the best things in life are simple.


Neck Jewelry

When the weather turns chilly there's nothing like a scarf to keep your neck toasty.



Hazel gets a sweater with reflective yarn so she’s not mistaken for prey during hunting season.


Honey’s Honeycomb

This short-sleeved vest and honeycomb combo is a perfect layer for the first chills of Spring and Autumn


A tribe of juicers

Just in time to keep the winter colds away— get juicing! You can get ‘em now at Upriver Home in Milford, Pennsylvania.


Double the Fun

I couldn’t resist the beauty of this kohlrabi to magnify the shape of this two-toned double-bowl set.


Brush Up

This simple toothbrush holder is capped by a removable cup—extending its tree-like form


In Situ

Nestled in a place of honour in Dulwich, U.K.

Rainbow pasta.jpg


A simple server as back drop to this pasta fiesta


You’re Covered!

With this stoneware two-piece casserole dish you can keep your paella, curry, pasta (or whatever) warm and appetizing at your next dinner party.

Three Peat.jpg

The Three-Peat

Tapenade, chips and guac? Olives, seasoned oil and toast? Or maybe veggies with hummus. Your call.


Instructions for 2-Legged Toggle Colander:

Tilt bowl and place fruit on side with holes. Rinse. Tilt away from holes. Serve!


Autumn’s Gifts

A perfect pairing: A spine of brussel sprouts with the giving hands of hamsas!


Time to make the Donuts!

These donut shapes are glazed inside and out so they can be used as pitchers, vases or olive oil dispensers.